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Dempsey Logistics specializes in a variety of deck trailer services across Ontario, including:
Step Deck
Our 53' tridem step deck trailers have an 11' upper deck and 42' lower deck. 
Dry Van
​Our 53' tridem van trailer can haul 71,000lbs. Tandem axle vans also available.
Our 48' tandem flatbed trailers suit a large variety of loads. Rolltite curtain side flatbed also available.
Flatbed Straight Truck
Our 20' flatbed straight truck is perfect for hauling your smaller loads. The same great service at a fraction of the cost of a tractor trailer.
Tractor Only
Our trucks are fully insured and available as tractor-only to haul your trailers for shunt or specialty work.
Ask us about shipping your oversized loads! We have the equipment and experience to do it safely and efficiently.